Plastic Free Pub

It has been estimated that globally some 2 million tonnes of plastic get washed into the seas each year from inland sites.

The Horseshoes public house is working towards being a PFP (Plastic Free Pub). 

At this time, becoming a PFP is, of course, virtually impossible with so many people paying using plastic cards and cash becoming less of a means of payment. In future years plastic debit and credit cards may well become obsolete with different materials and methods being used to settle bills etc. Who can tell?

What we are now starting to say to our suppliers is “Do not wrap goods that you deliver to us in so much unnecessary packaging that includes plastic”

Our new seating

You will see in our garden area new garden furniture.

Beer Garden with Recycled Plastic Seating

There are 4 tables with seating for 32 people. Each table and seating is made from 4,000 recycled plastic bottles. That means that 16,000 plastic bottles are not going to landfill or risk being washed into the sea over a period of time.

Alright, we are a small business along with many many other small businesses, as single units we can only make a small difference but together we can make a massive difference to material that is going to landfill or being washed into the sea.


Paul Steer, Landlord