A note from the Landlord...

It has been just over a month since our last message. The sad news is COVID-19 is still with us and will be for some time into the future. The good news is the government have announced that pubs can open from Saturday 4th July.

We are staying with our original plan to open on 12th September 2020 at 12 noon, providing there is no spike in the virus (prior to lockdown we had been opening at 11am, this time will be altered to 12 noon).

We have to say it is with a great deal of unease that we open, even in September, given the way sections of the general public have been behaving which could lead to an upsurge in the virus. We will be proceeding with extreme caution; our priority is the well-being of our customers and staff. Hopefully we will not have any problems.

We also have to take into account the future of the Horseshoes site – is it still viable as a public house? Like thousands of other pubs its finances have been decimated by the lockdown so we have to get everything right when we reopen. Another lockdown would not, shall we say, help the situation. We will have a 1 metre social distancing policy in place, plus other required measures. It is possible the government may relax some of the measures required before we reopen which will be fine as long as it does not put everyone’s well-being at risk.

The restaurant will remain closed till 2nd January 2021. We will get our monthly quizzes going as quickly as we possibly can.

Having said all that, we look forward to seeing everyone – customers old and new – when we reopen. In the meantime keep safe and well.

A note from the landlord 22nd May 2020

A note from the Landlord...

A month has gone by since our last message. The country, the world, is still in this very sad situation caused by the Coronavirus.

As we said in our April message we are trying to gauge the time when we can reopen the pub. The governement has said that pubs can reopen 4th July providing they meet certain criteria. As far as The Horseshoes is concerned this will not happen. 

The very earliest we can see ourselves opening is 11th September and we feel that could well turn out to be optimistic. 

What the governement require for pubs to put in place before they can open is virtually impossible to manage. You have only to look at the 2 metre social distancing rule which will be one of the conditions required. Imagine, a 2 metre social distance in a pub, think about it… and that is only one of the conditions required. We could be looking at December/ January 2021 before we can start pulling pints. This is a possibility.

All we can say at the moment is that we are desperate to open on 11th September or as soon as possible afterwards. 

We look forward to seeing everybody then. In the meantime keep safe and well.

A note from the Landlord...

It is now one month since we were ordered to close by central government to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak. We at The Horseshoes express our deepest sympathy to all families who have lost loved ones both in our country and where-ever they may be in the world. In view of everything that is happening it seems empty and callous to even think about when The Horseshoes public house will be able to reopen but along with other establisshments we do have to make plans for re-opening, whenever that may be.

It is our hope that we will be given some notice by central government as to when this will happen. We estimate it will take at least 7 days, what with commissioning beer lines, cleaning and restocking, to bring The Horseshoes back to the condition needed so it can reopen.

We very much look forward to seeing everyone again. In the meantime, keep safe and well.


Beer Garden with Recycled Plastic Seating

It has been estimated that globally some 2 million tonnes of plastic get washed into the seas each year from inland sites.

The Horseshoes public house is working towards being a PFP (Plastic Free Pub). At this time, becoming a PFP is, of course, virtually impossible with so many people paying using plastic cards and cash becoming less of a means of payment. In future years plastic debit and credit cards may well become obsolete with different materials and methods being used to settle bills etc. Who can tell?

What we are now starting to say to our suppliers is “Do not wrap goods that you deliver to us in so much unnecessary packaging that includes plastic”

You will see in our garden area new garden furniture. There are 4 tables with seating for 32 people. Each table and seating is made from 4,000 recycled plastic bottles. That means that 16,000 plastic bottles are not going to landfill or risk being washed into the sea over a period of time.

Alright, we are a small business along with many many other small businesses, as single units we can only make a small difference but together we can make a massive difference to material that is going to landfill or being washed into the sea.

Thankyou, Paul Steer, The Landlord

Scampi and chips

Food now being served on Mondays

You asked and we listened. 

Due to popular demand food will be served from Midday until 8pm on Mondays.

Our full menu is available all day in the bar and our lovely Horseshoes Restaurant is open from 5pm. 

Please book  your table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pictured here is our classic Scampi & Chips, £8.95

We have a winner announcement

A note from the landlord...

An update from the quiz, 25th February 2020. There were 53 players at Tuesday’s quiz and the 1-1 question was answered and the prize won!

The subject chosen was Sixties Pop and the question was “What is the real name of Herman of Herman & The Hermits?”  The answer is Peter Noone.  The £100 was won and that means the 1-1 question on March 31st will have an £80 prize.

£106 was raised for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance and this has been sent to them.

The next quiz, 31st March starts at 8pm. It is advisable to book a table for your team.

Call 01529 414092

Thankyou to everyone,

Paul Steer

Fish and Chips with peas and garnish on a plate

Fish & Chips Wednesday

Wednesdays 4-7pm

£6.50 Takeaway

£8.50 Eat In

Add mushy or garden peas for 30p

Please note all food is cooked freshly to order so we would kindly ask for your patience.

Orders for takeaway can be placed by phone for collection

Call 01529 414092