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A note from the Landlord..

It is now one month since we were ordered to close by central government to help combat the Coronavirus outbreak. We at The Horseshoes express our deepest sympathy to all families who have lost loved ones both in our country and whereever they may be in the world. In view of everything that is happening it seems empty and callous to even think about when The Horseshoes public house will be able to reopen but along with other establishments we do have to make plans for re-opening, whenever that may be.

It is our hope that we will be given some notice by central government as to when this will happen. We estimate it will take at least 7 days, what with commissioning beer lines, cleaning and restocking, to bring The Horseshoes back to the condition needed so it can reopen.

We very much look forward to seeing everyone again. In the meantime, keep safe and well.