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July at The Horseshoes, Silk Willoughby

Hello Everybody,

The weather started off fairly wet in June but we finished with a mini heatwave. And so, as one would expect, we moaned about the cold and now we’ve moaned about it being too hot! How typically British of us.

For the first time the June quiz was split into two parts so we’ll report on both nights separately.

On June 18th there were 29 quizzers which raised £58 plus the second placed team donated their £20 prize which means a total of £78 was raised for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance on that night. The 1-2-1 question topic was chosen as 60s Pop and the question was “Name the 4 original members of The Shadows”. The answer is Hank B. Marvin, Bruce Welch, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. Unfortunately the contestant answered incorrectly and so the prize pot carried forward to the second quiz night.

On June 25th there were 38 quizzers which raised £76. This means the June total raised for the Air Ambulance was £154 which has been sent to and received by them. On this night the 1-2-1 question contestant chose Films and the question was “What was the name of the first Talkie movie?” The answer is The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson. Unfortunately this was answered incorrectly as well and so the prize pot not only carries over to July but also increases to £120.

In total 67 quizzers attended in June. On the second night there was a big difference between numbers of quizzers booked versus those who turned up. We can only imagine this was due to England playing (not very well) in the Euros.

Splitting the quizzes over two nights made it much safer and a lot more comfortable experience for both the quizzers and the quiz master. It also meant things ran more smoothly and we kept to time better. This was our intention. In July we expect we’ll see more people attend as some return from holidays and the football ends. Thank you to everyone who attended the June quizzes.

In July the quiz nights will be held on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th. Quiz meals are served from 5.45pm and are £6.50 and the quizzes will start at 7.45pm. Always remember to book your table for the quiz and please, if you can’t attend, do let us know so we can plan the seating. Thank you, Paul Steer.

We have several birthdays in July and August and so we have decided to hold a BBQ to celebrate jointly. This will be held on Saturday 3rd August. We intend to sell tickets for this event and the profits will be shared between LNAA, St Denis’ Church, Silk Willoughby and St Barnabas Hospice. Full details will be released over the next few days.

We are going wait until the BBQ to tap the Helihopter beer. This pale ale is being sold in order to raise funds for the Ambucopter and is 3.4% ABV and will be £4.60 per pint. Our other beers are Hopical Storm, Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, Doom Bar along with Guinness, Stella, Birra Moretti and Carling and Thatcher’s Gold cider. The Batemans Brewery 5G is still hugely popular and so will stay a while longer.

We also have a wide range of wines and spirits as well as alcohol free and soft drinks.

It may seem a little early to mention Christmas but we have taken the decision not to serve lunch on Christmas Day. The bar will be open as usual that day and we will have our Christmas Menu available from late November and throughout December which we feel will offer much better value. Our last food service before Christmas will be on Sunday 22nd December. We’ll talk more about Christmas nearer the time.

We’ve checked the weather forecast and it would seem we’re in for a cloudy week but the sun and warm to hot weather is promising to return after this week. We’ll all look forward to that,

Kindest regards,

Paul Steer, Landlord/ Owner

Louise Nelson, Manager

Sinead Williamson, Assistant Manager