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A note from the landlord…

Hello everybody. It was announced today, 26th November 2020, that Lincolnshire is in Tier 3 of the new Covid rules which of course includes The Horseshoes Public House. This is a catastrophe for the industry (hospitality) and will, no doubt, put many pubs and restaurants out of business. We were hoping that because we are based rurally we may have been put into Tier 1 which would mean we could have carried on at The Horseshoes, albeit with Track & Trace, social distancing etc.. That is not the case.

Even Tier 2 would mean we could only open a very limited time. Our plan was to open Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve when we would be serving food. Tier 2 rules state that a substantial meal has to be served for customers that come in for a drink. For example, if you come in at 9.55pm you have to have a substantial meal, bearing in mind we have to stop serving drinks at 10pm. Sundays, if you came in for a drink at midday before your Sunday lunch at home, you still have to have a substantial meal served at the pub. Clearly this is complete nonsense and will not happen. Just a bowl of chips is not considered a substantial meal.

So, from December3rd we will be closed in line with all other establishments. We could serve takeaways but that would not be financially viable for The Horseshoes.

The first Tier review takes place on 16th December when, if the infection rate has improved, we could be moved to Tier 2 then we would be open both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve and both days would be 12 noon to 10pm. However, Christmas Day we will only open if we are in Tier 1. As soon as we are put into Tier 1 we will open as usual but that could be late March or early April next year. One thing that is for certain is that The Horseshoes will be opening again.

Having said all that, we are alive and able to talk about the situation. Sadly, thousands of people have lost their lives. Let us hope this nightmare is soon over. When the first review has taken place on 16.12.20 we will post another note from the landlord.

Keep well, thank you, kindest regards

Paul Steer, Landlord
Debbie Adams, Manager