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August News – Opening Soon

It is 9 days until we reopen; Saturday 29th August at midday. We also intend to open the restaurant for food on Friday 4th September. We will be serving food only on Fridays and Saturdays in September with a limited menu. We will hopefully extend these days in October and up to Christmas but not Christmas Day.

There is talk that social distancing will end by Christmas and things will get back to normal although normal as we used to know it will be a long time returning, if ever.

The local authorities are now going around inspecting establishments and they have the power to close pubs etc. if they are not satisfied that the government requirements have been put in place.

The Horseshoes will open with social distancing measures, Track & Trace and all the relevant notices etc. We are going to use the restaurant for drinking as well as diners, unless food gets that busy then it will be diners only in the restaurant. We do have to remember the government have the power to order a general lockdown of pubs etc. if their requirements are not being followed which, be of no doubt, they would do.

We hope to start our monthly quizzes before Christmas, possibly November and we may even be able to have our Christmas Carol evening.

Our prime objective is the well being of our customers and staff. We look forward to seeing everyone at some time in the future.

Thankyou and kind regards,

Paul Steer, Landlord

Debbie Adams, Manager