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June’s COVID-19 update

It has been just over a month since our last message. The sad news is COVID-19 is still with us and will be for some time into the future. The good news is the government have announced that pubs can open from Saturday 4th July.

We are staying with our original plan to open on 12th September 2020 at 12 noon, providing there is no spike in the virus (prior to lockdown we had been opening at 11am, this time will be altered to 12 noon).

We have to say it is with a great deal of unease that we open, even in September, given the way sections of the general public have been behaving which could lead to an upsurge in the virus. We will be proceeding with extreme caution; our priority is the well-being of our customers and staff. Hopefully we will not have any problems…

We also have to take into account the future of the Horseshoes site – is it still viable as a public house? Like thousands of other pubs its finances have been decimated by the lockdown so we have to get everything right when we reopen. Another lockdown would not, shall we say, help the situation. We will have a 1 metre social distancing policy in place, plus other required measures. It is possible the government may relax some of the measures required before we reopen which will be fine as long as it does not put everyone’s well-being at risk.

The restaurant will remain closed till 2nd January 2021. We will get our monthly quizzes going as quickly as we possibly can.

Having said all that, we look forward to seeing everyone – customers old and new – when we reopen. In the meantime keep safe and well.