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Supplement to The Landlord’s Notes

Hello Everybody,

Following on from the Landlord’s Note of 2nd May I mentioned that we would probably change the schedule of the monthly quiz. This is due to the fact we are getting so many requests to take part that we simply cannot accommodate everybody and are having to disappoint some people. We have to think of the safety of the quizzers and staff and when we have upwards of 90 people taking part there is an issue of safety in an emergency.

Currently we hold one quiz each month on the last Tuesday, other than in December when we hold a family quiz after Christmas.

The new plan is to hold two quizzes each month on the last two Tuesdays of every month. We aim to limit the number of attendees at each quiz to 80 to ensure everyone is comfortably seated and staff and customers can move around safely.

For example in June the quizzes will take place on:

Quiz 1 – 18th June

Quiz 2 – 25th June

We will serve Quiz Basket Meals on both dates starting from 5.45pm and the quizzes will commence at 7.45pm.

The questions on both quizzes will be identical so you can only enter one quiz and we would ask people who attend Quiz 1 to not spoil the fun for Quiz 2 players by divulging any questions or answers. We know you’re all an honest bunch and will want every player to have a fair chance.

The 1-2-1 Question will take place at both quizzes. Should the prize be won at any quiz, the prize pot will be reset at £100.

These changes will take place in June to allow everyone time to organize their teams and decide whether you want to attend Quiz 1 or 2. Please note that bookings will still be on a first come first served basis. So if your team is accustomed to attending on the last Tuesday of the month please ensure you book in early as usual.

Each person can only enter one quiz per month for obvious reasons. We want it to be fair and fun for everyone.

This will of course generate extra funds for Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance as we can accept more teams and players. The entry fee will stay at £3 per person with £2 going straight to the Ambucopter.

The May quiz will still take place on Tuesday 28th May and is currently sold out.

If you would like to book a team table please call The Horseshoes on 01529 414092. As always we would ask that if you find closer to the date that you can’t attend you do let us know. Thank you.

Kindest Regards

Paul Steer, Landlord/ Owner & Quiz Master