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Plastic Free Pub & Covid Update

Hello everybody. I write this with just 17 days till we re-open. We feel that this is not a false dawn and we will indeed re-open for inside as well as outside service on 17th May at 12 Noon. If it happens that it is still only outside service, we will still open and do the best we can with the limited outside space we have.

All Covid-19 restrictions will still be in place. It is said by the government that all restrictions will be lifted on June 21st, we will have to wait and see. We are aware that if this happens some people may feel uncomfortable, so we will probably leave tables socially distanced and only use a limited amount of bar stools strategically placed to avoid crowding at the bar. Sanitiser stations will still be in place and, of course, customers can still wear masks if they so desire.

The bar will be open 7 days a week from 12 Noon till 11pm. Food will be served Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 12 Noon with last orders at 8pm. We hope to get back to serving food 6 days a week but this will probably not be till the new year. The exception to this will be 15th November till January 1st for Christmas Parties, Christmas Day Lunch and New Years Eve, when the restaurant will be open with last orders again at 8pm.

We have entertainment booked for New Years Eve with music provided by TIME OUT (formerly Hazardville) who have changed their line up and vastly extended their music range.

Of course everything relies on there being no further lockdown.

Pre the November 4th lockdown we had started the process of becoming a Plastic Free Pub (PFP) with our furniture in the garden area being produced from 16,000 recycled plastic bottles. We had lemonade in plastic bottles but this will now stop and we will use glass bottles only so they can be recycled. Other drinks in plastic will cease being stocked as soon as we can find alternatives. We have spoken to our main drinks supplier, Batemans Brewery, and our main dry goods supplier, Pilgrim Foods, and, as far as we understand, both companies have a policy going forwards of reducing plastic packaging.

Covid-19 sadly put a stop to all such plans for many companies. The world changing its attitude on packaging will be a long process. We are only a village pub and so we alone can only make a small difference but I am reminded of what was said by Mahatma Gandhi

“you may never know what results come from your action but if you do nothing there will be no result”

We started notes from the Landlord to keep people informed of what was happening at The Horseshoes during Covid-19 and we now intend to carry this on into the future.

As mentioned earlier we open on May 17th at 12 Noon. It is strongly advised, if you are coming along, to book a table as there are already a number of tables reserved.

We look forward to seeing everyone again some time in the future.

In view of what has happened in the past 14 months we are deeply thankful and grateful to still be here to open The Horseshoes. Thank you,

Kindest Regards

Paul Steer, Landlord
Debbie Adams, Manager