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Where has summer gone?

A note from the Landlord…

Hello everybody, in June’s note from the Landlord I said it was flaming June and everyone was sitting outside enjoying a pint in the garden area in my pub and, no doubt, in thousands of other pubs. Come the first of July and it’s oh dear me I spoke too soon as it’s cold..with temperatures having gone into reverse. But never mind, of course the good news is on July 19th we are due to have all restrictions connected to Covid removed. I hope on this matter I am not talking too soon and it all goes ahead as promised by the government?

We held our first quiz since the last lockdown was lifted on Tuesday 29th June with 53 quizzers attending. This raised £106 for the LNAA which they have now received. Our next quiz is on 27th July at 8pm. We would ask still for people to book the tables for their teams although, if all the Covid restrictions are removed, this will improve the situation. We plan to keep the tables socially distanced to make sure our customers and staff remain safe. We will only start to serve quiz meals again once the situation becomes much clearer and everyone can feel more relaxed.

For your interest the 1-2-1 question which was worth £40. The participant chose the topic of films, the question being “From which film does the tune Dueling Banjos come from?” He answered correctly; Deliverance. This means the 1-2-1 question next month will have a prize of £40.

At the moment the restaurant is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays midday to 8pm. We are now giving serious consideration to extending these hours to include Sunday midday to 4pm from the first of August. If we do go ahead it will be the usual menu, rather than a Sunday Roast.

Last month I said our new parasols would be delivered in June. Once again, I spoke too soon. It is now 1st July and with the way things are looking they’ll arrive in time to keep the snow from the door!

The feel good factor for everyone is slowly returning. Let us hope I haven’t spoken too soon and this continues!

Thank you and kindest regards

Paul Steer, Landlord

Debbie Adams, Manager